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Dreamkeepers's News

Posted by Dreamkeepers - March 22nd, 2020


Get ready for #Couchcon 2020- we're at nearly 100 vendors! Much is in store for you guys.  

Streaming panels, a dedicated Discord, online gaming- June 25-28 at http://couchcon.org/  

Artist signups open now.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - March 18th, 2020

Volume 5 updates will resume next week, March 25th, for backers. https://www.patreon.com/posts/35018904

We plan to continue with weekly updates after that point.

Especially with current events so chaotic, we don't want to spring any big surprises on you- so here are the major Vivid Publishing events to plan for in 2020.

Volume 5 Kickstarter

We're aiming to complete the book and launch the V5 Kickstarter in September or October.

This is the big cahuna. The V5 campaign will include a Volumes 1-4 hardback omnibus, an art book, and a stretch goal to raise production capital for the Dreamkeepers animated short. (More in the campaign, but those are the highlights as of now.)

Video Game Sample

Before then, we plan to share a playable environment of the Dreamkeepers video game in August at Megaplex (and for backers, of course.)


And June 25-28, Vivid is hosting the second year of our online convention, Couchcon. http://couchcon.org/ Coronavirus lockdowns have us opening the doors to a surge of artists with great things to share. So in addition to commissions, merchandise, and specials from the Dreamkeepers table, look forward to a full schedule of streaming panels and a whole dealer's room packed with great work to discover.

Vivid Wallscrolls

Get your commissioned art as a big, beautiful wallscroll. Vivid will be running a special during Couchcon: Any art a Vivid author https://vividpub.com/Titles.php?pg=titles has ever created for you, we'll let you purchase a copy of it as a full-size wallscroll. Have a Dreamkeepers, False Start, Uberquest, Blue Deer Art you'd like? Vivid Wallscrolls will be available during Couchcon only, more details coming.

False Start

Chapter Zero approaches completion, and there will soon be a False Start website for you to enjoy Vivid's first hand-painted action comic, slated for it's premiere crowdfunding printing later in 2020.


I'll have a little teaser for Vivid's Tectomic soon, too- we're all taking a trip to space, kids. Bring your battlecruiser.

We will share V5 updates every Wednesday for backers. If we need another month to focus on animation and finish Mace's video game assets, the Volume 5 updates may be limited to concept art, but I'll alert backers well in advance if that's the case.

I want to create more, and faster- Vivid has a chance to become a fully-fledged entertainment company with actual production capabilities. But it can only happen if readers make it happen.

We have the stories, the characters, the skills. But we need the ability to hire more talent, so things can happen in a timely manner.

Algorithms and unpleasant gatekeepers have been suppressing us every step of the way. If we're to grow, it'll be because of readers like you. So let's do this.

This horrible quarantine is the perfect time to share a whole new world with bored friends. They're stuck inside? Let them explore the Dreamworld. https://dreamkeeperscomic.com/Intro.htm

More readers enjoying the world will bring in the resources we need to grow, and produce faster.

Vivid will be the kingdom we built together- and we're going to be making the most fun things in the world.



Posted by Dreamkeepers - February 17th, 2020

Vivid Publishing is excited to unveil our latest creator- https://twitter.com/ABD_artist with their ongoing story ‘Bethellium’

Master alchemist Zoana is invited to the mystical city of Bethellium under false pretenses. Brought to save a life, why is her craft treated with fear and suspicion?

Jump into the web of magic and danger here:


The webcomic is ongoing, with each page bringing us closer to a new Vivid book printing.

Everyone welcome https://twitter.com/ABD_artist to the Vivid coalition.

Read what you want. Think what you want.

Cut free, and be Vivid.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - February 8th, 2020

Convention news- the Vivid Publishing team is being welcomed to Megaplex this year.

https://megaplexcon.org/ (August 2020)

We were looking for a good venue to do something special, and we found it- in the Dealer’s Room this year, we'll run a playable sample of the Dreamkeepers video game.

Come visit Dave, Liz, Geo, Bone, and possibly more Vivid authors, and give the video game sample a whirl while you’re at it.

I wouldn’t call it a full demo, but you will be able to run around as Mace and get a sense of the game’s kinaesthetics.

You’ll also be able to check out David’s exclusive panel on Crowdfunding, tips to dodge failure and achieve success.

All this in a tropical paradise resort.

...Admittedly I may have more than business on the mind in my excitement to be at Megaplex.

Anyone else who can make it, we’ll love to see you there! Bring your sunscreen, it’ll be bright by the pool.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - February 1st, 2020

We polled the readership asking where you wanted us. Over a hundred votes, thank you!


Anthrocon won by a landslide.


Those who were excited to meet us there, bad news.


Last year we were excluded, but it was the very first time AC staff took control of curation, so oversights were understandable. Thank you to the readers who took the time to get in touch after missing us. It was both heartwarming and painful to hear our absence left a hole in your experience.

We heard folks say they couldn’t find their usual friends, as our table had become the de-facto rally point, and now everything felt like a disjointed mass of strangers.


It felt bad over here too.


We’re told readers also e-mailed AC staff to politely explain our presence was desired. Plus in 2020, the dealer’s room has twice as many tables as ever before. So we had high hopes of reuniting with you this summer.


Staff declined our application. All those votes, I figure I better have some kind of explanation for everyone. I asked why they curated us out again, and why they were policing table-sharing so vigorously. They told us that there simply wasn’t enough room, and that they earnestly wanted our participation.


The curator who had us blocked on social media apologized when we pointed that out, saying it was a mistake caused by a blocklist. We accept their apology without reservation, and thank them for reversing the error. But none of this brings you, me ‘n Liz any closer together, so let’s move on.


It was a fantastic 12 years. I know many marvelous people that I never would have encountered otherwise. We got to be there from the ground floor, the very first year Anthrocon was in Pittsburgh, and it’s been a thrill to watch the event flourish as more people discover their interest in the genre.


We’re planning to cut down on conventions overall.


Vivid is onboarding new authors, Dreamkeepers is growing into tabletop, video games, animation- our production time is becoming ever-more precious, and we must spend it wisely.

Even so, we hope to maintain one or two core events every year, where readers can trust that we’ll be there to greet them with a wave of the red hat and a smile. I don’t want to roll the dice on waitlisting or other gambles. We want to maintain a tradition you can rely on, to make travel planning that much simpler. One less variable to worry about.


So we’re trying out some fresh new things. If you’d like to try them with us, check our convention listing on the news page, and hop in our newsletter.





Thanks for everything so far, we’re excited for the next leg of the journey.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - October 24th, 2019

© 2019 Dreamkeepers

Vampire Holidays 3: Halloween coming from Vivid Publishing October 25th. Chapter 1 free on e-book below, alongside the quite desirable but significantly more exclusive Chapter 2.




Posted by Dreamkeepers - October 17th, 2019

Why hello, hello all my lovely fellow fans and furries out there. 

Allow me to introduce myself~

I, dear sweet fans of DreamKeepers and the Vivid universe at large, am Sibu Sandrent, mid-twenties, gender-fluid, she/her pronouns, pansexual, dominatrix, sexy, stunning, beautiful and, unfortunately for you, recently married~ <3 (try not to cry too hard sweethearts hankies will be doled out at the door)

The pleasure is all yours I assure you~

And more to the point I, Sibu Sandrent Queen of Kink, am your new page manager for this site and several other Vivid sites throughout the interwebs~

You may hold your applause, though I will remind you that flattery will get you everywhere my dears ;P

What you are required to understand is that this means on this site I will be taking good care of you from this point going forward <3

I will repost Vivid art

I will respond to your questions, comments, and whining. . . erm . . . I mean . . . concerns . . . to the best of my extraordinary ability 

Lucky you

And any questions I can't answer will be directed towards the Lillies :3

Plan and simple

I look forward to spending copious amounts of quality time with you going forward <3

P.S. I tend to refer to people as hun, sweetie, dear, dearest, and sweetheart as terms of endearment <3 should anyone find this language not to your liking just let me know and I shall address you in whatever manner you deem appropriate. I want to make everyone feel comfortable here <3


Posted by Dreamkeepers - October 1st, 2019

 Trophies prove the hunt-

Just ask any grief-stricken Warhammer fans.

But first, Tinsel returns from a hunt of her own to announce the 14th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart contest- PLUS a separate nano-wrimo Fanfiction contest.


And, by popular demand, we are introducing a new Vivid Dreamkeepers item this fall:

2020 Calendars!

Thank you Drawing Board and Vivid Task Force for brainstorming flourishes- more details to be announced. Suffice to say:

Trophies dangle in your future.

You can click out now- those are the bare-bones announcements. Contests, prizes, new merchandise as Volume 5 strides closer to completion. What comes next is less direct, and perhaps more troubling.

If you’re curious about my thought of the day, I’m here to share.

I realize I probably don’t write often enough- I tend to keep myself buried in art. Planning pages, drafting the structures on the page, the motives in the minds of our characters. Losing myself in this fictional world, in the hopes that others will see fit to wander, and wonder.

Work keeps me disconnected at times, but this week I woke up and realized something horrible seems to have crept up on us.

Imagination is dead.

Nietzsche declared the cultural reality of the Death of God, and similarly in our culture, I see the death of something far more precious than God. The death of His womb- the expiration of imagination and truthful creation.

Forgive my melancholy, but in case you hadn’t noticed, Disney owns everything.

Star Wars. Muppets. Fairy Tales. Thor. Iron Man, copyright law.

And owning is not enough: They have killed their captives, and hang them on the walls of the cage as nothing more than dead trophies. For the spark of life is gone.

Every movie is a remake. We see the same characters, in the same dilemmas, ripped from the afterlife and forced through morbid self-parody again, and again, japing at the charm of their first dance.

Audiences are not permitted to disapprove.

Your voice is erased by totalitarian algorithms. (Totalgorithms?)

And not only that- you are condemned to hell for your crimes of opinion.

Because mainstream creative culture has not been gutted by greed alone. To fill that moral void, the board room cobbles for us… The holy of holies, the sacrosanct, that glimmering broom which brushes all sins under the most pure of rugs:

Repeating the Right and Good Opinions.

The key is to consume, and obey. Do as you are told. Think as you are told. Love the new remake, and swallow the proper ideological bullet-points. Or:

You will be called a bigot (old-world terminology: heretic) and the social media gods will gladly watch as lesser demons swarm in bloodlust, until you flee to a dark online forest. There the banished cower, isolated from the bright glare of the interconnected corporate cages which capture all creative potential.

Even the last stronghold, the one franchise who stood strong upon decades of brutal lore, has fallen:

Warhammer 40K has signed their soul over to Marvel- property of Disney. Next in line to have their essence, their truth, poisoned and drained away by resentful stewards, next in line for the Star Wars treatment.

I look up from my pencil and my paper, to see culture being systematically caged, creativity being crushed into looping, leering caricatures. While good authors, artists, creators, are locked on the outside, consigned to obscurity by the bloated death-star monopoly.

Liz & I started Dreamkeepers not with any grand plans. Just a simple desire to create something imaginative and new.

I’m grateful a proactive cadre of readers has stood by us, and other authors have joined Vivid Publishing. I never expected a full soundtrack to our work, tabletop games, spinoff novels, additional comics- and the professional connections with Vivid are multiplying as we grow. It’s humbling.

But it’s also something else.

Vivid blooms as the other companies fall into the Cage.

And even those companies or creators too tiny to be subsumed fall victim to the contagion of the zeitgeist, rushing to obey the Moral Compulsion:

Rip the spine from your fiction, and replace it with mandated conformist political dogma. There shall be no more truth, no more fun, no more danger… Only pandering and preaching.

The spark of imagination is thus sacrificed to corporate greed by the hand of plenty, and to ideological fervor by the hand of desire.

But then there’s Vivid.

We haven’t sold to Disney.

And we have never bent our knee even a centimeter to the social terrorism of the Cancel Cult.

All the hate they’ve hurled at us has only made us stronger. Bolder. Brighter. And more numerous. One by one, contacts and creators are joining the ranks of our plucky little coalition.

I’m beginning to think there’s a reason for all this. My creative obsession, our refusal to obey, and the loyalty of our readers. That a rose unremarkable in the garden of the past, surviving with ruby flame in the ashen wasteland of today, may hold some pivotal vitality, some key to altering the landscape.

I’m beginning to think that, when it comes to creativity, sharp is better than big. True is better than safe. And Vivid counters conformity.

I’m still putting my thoughts together. But if any of this resonates, know that I’m more committed to our story than ever before- and the picture is becoming bigger than that. New puzzle pieces, new powers, and new players are entering the frame.

We’re powerless alone- but if we join forces… I have hope.

Please share this with a friend you like, and I’ll share more as I can.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - September 10th, 2019

If you thought 15 hours of driving would stop us, you underestimated the power of INFINITE ENERGY.  

Back and unpacked with the official con report from Furry Migration North, where we dealt joy alongside Boneitis Industries. It featured the next evolution of the Vivid Vault, and the Starfall Dice Fall table game.

Vastly more popular than expected! Visitors would roll dice (for free) in our 4-foot tubular contraption, and based what they rolled, prizes were unlocked.

A select number won a chance at the weekend's ultimate prize stash locked in the VIVID VAULT. Premiering this game for the first time, I didn't expect much participation. Boy was I wrong.  

Sunday at 3:00, the D20 rolling tournament began, packing the aisle with loads of contestants! (For future convention games, we're upgrading the system to remove this traffic jam of popularity.)

But despite growing pains, the most skilled D20 rollers were crowned, the Vivid Vault unlocked, and prizes bestowed.  

We had a blast meeting new people, making sales, and sharing free prizes! We'll be bringing the table game to future events for sure, starting this weekend at Monroe Pop Fest, and again at Midwest FurFest.

You never know what the Vivid Vault prizes will be- only that there WILL be prizes.  Thanks everyone for making the weekend fun, happy to be back and creating more art.


Posted by Dreamkeepers - September 3rd, 2019

It's here! The official Dreamkeepers fanfiction contest has been announced:



Along with the prizes featured for this year's Halloween Fanart Contest. (Two separate contests.)

Excited to see what's coming our way this season.